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DORE Medical Castor Wheel Collection

Dore medical casters are available in a wide variety of mounting, capacity and wheel options to help you find the right rigid, swivel or locking caster for your medical equipments with ultimate solution for longevity and floor protection.

Dore is the most trusted casters Chinese factory to assure our castors and wheels are of the most competitive price with one year warranty, please contact us directly if you do not find the caster for your unique application, we are available Monday thru Saturday and look forward to being of service.

Why choose DORE medical caster?

Performance: High operational comfort, low noise operation, low rolling and swivel resistance, good floor surface preservation, high abrasion resistance, non-marking, non-staining, chemically bonded for an inseparable connection with the wheel center

Fork: High corrosion resistance synthetic design swivel caster

Tread: High-quality thermoplastic rubber elastomer (TPE/TPR) or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

Wheel center: Impact-resistant polypropylene or polyamide (nylon)